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Major Progress Studios specializes in many facets of the Photography, Film, Media and Audio Engineering industry. We provide many services that address the needs of these industries and we strive to provide a quality service that is not only professional, but affordable.

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ill titleSimple Beginnings

Major Progress Studios was founded in 2008. Its main focus then was headshots. After two years of exclusively focusing on providing actors with great headshots, the company branched out into new mediums. First film & video media production.

With the introduction of DSLR's having the capability to capturing high quality HD video, this opened a new door for MP Studios. A new direction and many new promising oppertunities. Later a music division was introduced to the MP Studios family as a way to fascilite a love of an art form our founder has always had a passion for.

ill titleOur Mission

Major Progress Studios has a simple mission to: Make Progress Happen. It's a simple idea and this idea is what has lead us to so much success. The oppertunities afforded to content creatures is at an amazing place. With the lowered cost of photography/film/music tools, software, hardware and educational material.

The landscape has drastically changed. The ability to birth, produce, release and market an artistic idea is right at many indie artists fingertips. MP Studios is commited to providing, not only, quality work but also educating and innovating industry standards and then next generation of artists and creators. The possibilities are only as narrow as your imagination and we pride ourselves on being creative catalysts. We don't wait for progress to happen, we make progress happen.


ill titleOur Crew

majorpictureMajor W. Latimer (Cinematographer | AC | Gaffer)

The founder and CEO of Major Progress Studios, who started this company as a creative outlet. What first started as a hobby soon became a career and a successful business, with potential to grow and advance further into not only photography, but also new mediums. Major has always had a passion for the arts. His first love was music, later photography, when his grandma give him his first film SLR camera at the age of 14. And later an interest in film after moving from Madison, WI to Los Angeles, CA and emersing himself in the entertainment industry.

As a freelance Cinematographer, AC & Gaffer he has experiencing working on a variety of content including shooting and lighting short and feature films, TV/webseries, commercials/infomercials, music videos and interviews/red carpet events for independent, studio and network clients.

Major has always had a passion for learning and creating, mastering a craft and using his skills to create a lasting impact on not only the industry, but individuals.

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majorpictureLenny Lenox (Director | Camera Operator | Gaffer)

Working with fellow independent filmmakers in California from 2005 - 2009, Lenox produced productions that included short films, music videos, and a feature. After graduating with a BS in Film in 2011, Lenox started working as a freelance filmmaker for hire in the Southern California area in Film and TV production. Lenny's long term goals are to direct and produce feature films, creating a career in entertaining and inspiring people.

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majorpictureAngela Barrett (Assistant Director | AC | Grip)

Her production experience includes positions such as Assistant Director, Production Coordinator, and Key Set PA on feature and short film, documentaries, television shows, and corporate/industrial media.

Angela has loved the challenge of working varied positions on set and keeping a production on schedule, solving problems on the fly, and keeping the crew focused to allow the director to execute their creative vision. She's focused, energetic, and enthusistic and provided years of set experience, pre-production planning and a mid-west work ethic with a strong foundation or practicality and humor.

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majorpictureGeorge Tataje (Sound Recordist)

He prides himself on capturing clean, crisp, digital audio recording that is reliable. He has experience with field and studio recordings. He has a background in audio engineering and a ear trained and tuned for professional audio capture. Since 1987 George has been mixing live and post audio for music and for film and video media since 2000.

As a problem solver he continues to do far more with far less and has worked in a wide variety of sound situations and with small and large crews alike.



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